Workaround for multi-page content

I read a lot on the web and often I encounter content that’s split into multiple pages. Some websites have a ‘single-page view’ hyperlink available (offhand I can think of, but most require that you click the ‘Next’ hyperlink or worse the page number (1 2 3 4) which is tiny. Either way you end up clicking a few times. I don’t mind this on some websites but when I want to read articles, I don’t like this.

The workaround (hack) that I use is to click the Print button or the Printer-friendly format hyperlink. Most sites will display the content in a single page, so you can read the content without having to keep clicking every three paragraphs.

This hack has worked for me on most of the sites that I visit. On some pages though, the images that accompany the article may not be displayed, which doesn’t bother me much since I’m usually interested in the text.

The text and colours in the print page are simple in most cases, but if you’re interested in reading the content or storing the content for reading later (in Scrapbook for example), this works just fine.

I’ve been using this hack for such a long time, it’s something that I automatically do on sites that break up content into multiple pages. I don’t know what workarounds others use, but if you’re facing the same annoyance, try this one.


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