Lunch at Desmond’s

Desmond’s is a restaurant that I’ve come across from time to time when I was in the Lavelle road area but I’d never ventured to eat there. I came across the same restaurant in Koramangala and on a whim decided to eat there a few days ago.

The door is black and there’s no transparent glass to allow you to see in, so I didn’t know what to expect. When we walked in, the ambience was a pleasant surprise. The desserts were laid out near the door, so you’d have to pass them when you were going to be seated. Good strategy.

Though they offered a menu, we decided to go for the fixed lunch, which was briefly explained as roti, rice, dal, two veggie dishes and a non-veg (or veg) curry, unlimited. We weren’t sure about the unlimited part, but anyway, let’s leave that aside.

The day we visited, we were served chana masala, a potato dish, dal, and chicken curry. The portions were more than sufficient for two people and as we found out later, we could’ve got more. You’d have to be really hungry to eat more. The rotis were hot, they were soft, and they gave you more if you asked. The chicken curry was the best dish, but the chana masala and dal were pretty good too. Actually, even the aloo was good, but when everything’s good, the aloo and the rice get left behind.

The meal was topped off with a choice of ice-cream and a single scoop was a good way to end the gluttony. At Rs. 99 for the buffet (excluding taxes), this meal is definitely worth it. It helps to be reasonably hungry when you eat here, because otherwise you wouldn’t do justice to the portions at the “served buffet”.

Desmond’s is near Jyothi Nivas college in Koramangala and it’s ahead of JN and located on an off-road, same side as JN. I had to drive by twice to find the place, so just walk or drive really slow. It also helps if you know which side the restaurant’s on, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Your thoughts?

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