Firefox 2.0 RC3

I’ve been using the beta version of Firefox (RC2 and RC3) version 2.0 because of Gina’s (of Lifehacker fame) posts. I’ve found that I’m enjoying Firefox 2.0 so far.

The close button on every tab is a nice improvement and the speed of loading pages seems faster. The subscribing to RSS feeds is also much simpler–you get options that let you decide which service you want to use to subscribe to the feeds.

There’s also a History menu that I didn’t notice before and you can recover tabs that you may close by mistake–this happens to me a lot.

Firefox crashed only once in the few days that I’ve been using the beta version and that too was because I had too many applications opened up on my computer and not enough memory. Firefox 2.0 also lets you recover from crashed sessions, so that’s another improvement.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the download manager, which I presume will get better as the versions go on. But, there are always extensions to help you do more–that’s the killer advantage that Firefox has.

I like what I’ve seen so far and once the extensions are updated for the new version, the browsing experience should be even better.


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