De Lekkerbek, A Belgian Cafe

I’d heard about a place that served waffles and was a Belgian cafe but never got around to going there till recently.

We went on a weekday for breakfast, I think it was a Tuesday and the place was empty, except for the waiters. There was a strange smell in the resturant, somewhat musty, somewhat freezerish, which didn’t really make us feel comfortable.

But, there were a bunch of comics, Tintin, Asterix, Archies, MAD that made me feel right at home. Nothing like having Asterix to whet your appetite. A friend had told me about the waffles there, so we tried the Belgian breakfast and the English breakfast, which are both breakfast combos. (Yes, I get the irony of English breakfast at a Belgian cafe.)

The menu gave the impression that the portions are huge, but they’re not. The English breakfast had two (small) sausages, two slices of toast, eggs scrambled, and a couple of tomatoes. And, you get a choice of tea or coffee. The English breakfast was good but not spectacular.

The Belgian breakfast had two waffles, fresh and warm, a muffin, and something else maybe; I can’t remember. The waffles were served with maple syrup, and were a treat to eat. The muffin was eatable.

The waffles were the best part of the meal. If you like waffles, then this is a place you should try at least once. If you haven’t eaten waffles before, here’s how you eat them: Pour half a litre of maple syrup into the indentations (for lack of a better word) of the waffles. Slice some butter and spread it over the waffle. Eat. Repeat with more maple syrup.

The other things to try seem to be the crepes and the pancakes, which we didn’t try. Of course, they serve lunch and dinner as well. Closed on Mondays. Here’s their blog .

PS: Over at Metblogs, Anita Bora has an interview with the owners of the cafe, with pictures of the place. And, here’s a review from The Hindu to go with that.


7 thoughts on “De Lekkerbek, A Belgian Cafe

  1. I like this place a lot!! Its very near to my office. And you are absolutely right about the Waffles. They are really great. Infact, before they used to also serve brown sugar along with the waffles. But now, that has been replaced with the regular powdered sugar.

  2. Niranj: Sure, sometime sounds good ;-)

    PizzaDude: Yeah, the waffles were good, and they were served with regular white sugar. I’ve never eaten waffles with brown sugar; I’m assuming that the taste is better?

  3. I should have read your review earlier. I went there for breakfast on last sunday. I tried the english breakfast and it was pretty bad. The sausages tasted like rubber. I should try the waffles the next time. By the way. the place was almost full.

  4. Yeah, I think the place is full on the weekends, when everyone’s out for a bite. When I tried the sausages, they weren’t like rubber, though I’ve never tasted rubber, so I wouldn’t really know ;-).

  5. We went for breakfast there one Sunday. The place was a bit disappointing for IHOP aficionados. Like most restaraunts, the place looks seedy in daylight. I think most western/North Indian restaraunts in Bangalore need to follow the example of Udipi places- I like the thorough scrubbing they get every night before closing.

    The pancakes were the real disappointment-with a heavy dose of egg, they were more like omlettes than pancakes. Nice collection of comics though.

  6. That settles it. I’m not trying the pancakes. I wonder if there are any other good pancake places in Bangalore. I think Infinitea on Cunningham road serves waffles but I am not sure about pancakes. Cha Bar in the Oxford Bookstore at the Leela maybe?

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