Plus and minus on your task list

Mark Forster, an author of three books about time management and personal organisation, has a nice hack for those of us who are into lists. Isn’t like, everyone?:

Do you find that you have difficulty doing all the items on your task list? Perhaps you keep getting stuck because you are resisting some of the items. One way of overcoming this, which I have often written about in this newsletter, is to break bigger tasks down into smaller steps.

So, that’s the appetiser, and here’s the main course.

The secret is pitch your first step so that you don’t mind doing it. So for example if you have a difficult report to write, the item “Write report” might get you resisting hard. On the other hand “Write outline of report headings” might seem easy.

And finally, the dessert:

There is a very simple technique for achieving this. Once you have written out your task list for the day, just run down the list and mark each item with a plus or a minus, depending whether you feel positive or negative towards the list.

Read Plus or Minus? from the Get Everything Done blog.


Your thoughts?

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