Open Season

If it seems like I’m watching too many movies, I assure you that isn’t the case. I’ve been late writing about them is all.

Open Season is an animation movie with Martin Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher, Gary Sinese, and Debra Messing providing the voices for the main characters. The movie’s about a grizzly bear (Lawrence) who lives with a forest ranger (Messing) and how he becomes friends with a deer (Kutcher) and gets sent to the forest to fend for himself. The hunting season is on them, so the bear, the deer and the other animals must survive the many hunters who want their hide. There’s also the evil hunter (voiced by Gary Sinese) who’s after the deer and the bear–it’s personal.

The movie’s funny in parts but it doesn’t have the sort of storyline that keeps you engrossed through the length of the feature. It’s no challenger to The Incredibles. It’s a watchable movie and if you’ve got nothing better to do, go ahead and watch it. If you’ve got kids, you’ll probably want to take them for this one–the theatre had quite a few kids with their parents.


Your thoughts?

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