Content that obfuscates confuses users

I found a website that wrote this about themselves, among other things, in their About Us page. (I’ve taken the name of the company out just to prove a point.)

… delivers high quality software and customised solutions that reflect the in depth knowledge & understanding of emerging technologies in today’s fast growing competitive world.

I’ve seen this with brochure content as well; there are certain words/phrases that you can’t do without–scalability, seamless integration, interoperability, etc.

What you’re trying to do is to distinguish yourself from everyone else, but what you end up doing is looking exactly the same as everyone else. You end up adding a clone to the already existing clone army. (Star Wars reference unintended.)

There are websites though that treat the user like a human being instead of some robot. You see that in the way they talk about their privacy policy, for instance. The next time you sign up for something on the web, pay attention to what the privacy policy says. Do they give you a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo or do they say something like, ‘We will NEVER sell or give your email address to anyone.’?

Simplicity is under-rated. Yes, you need complexity sometimes, but in fields like rocket-science. Writing, for the most part, isn’t.


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