Annual Sale at Crossword

I’m on Crossword’s mailing list, so I got an email about the annual sale at Crossword.

From: 11th November
Discounts: Up to 70% on books ; 5% on non-books

The key words are ‘up to’ but what the heck, if you get a deal or two it’s probably worth it.

Crossword is on Residency Road, 32 ACR towers. Phone: 2558 2411 – 15.

I’m not affiliated in any way with Crossword except that I do on occasion purchase stuff from there.

Updated on another day:
I posted this a couple of days ago and it seems to have gone to my Drafts.

I was at the sale today and there is a 10% off on all books and an additional 5% off if you’re part of their membership program or have an HDFC card (debit or credit). No idea if that becomes additional 10% if you have both.


Your thoughts?

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