Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt present: Parakey

Blake Ross, whom I wrote about recently, has written more about his next venture Parakey. What is Parakey, you ask? Here’s the answer from the co-founder’s mouth:

We think it’s the kind of product that takes hours to explain and seconds to “get” once you use it. The elevator pitch will be one of our greatest challenges, and while it will eventually be necessary, we would rather keep working now to get the product in your hands. As a result, the only description we are currently offering is the vague one in the article. The Parakey website will have more information in the coming weeks.

I will say that Parakey is not any of the three concepts that tend to fall under the loose banner of “Web OS” these days, which are (1) portals that aggregate information from multiple sources into a grid of draggable boxes; (2) faithful replicas of the desktop metaphor, windowing model and all; or (3) Web-based versions of Windows Explorer.

Go read the full post for more info.

Also, Ross mentions that Parakey is hiring, so if you meet the following criteria, give them a holler:

We are looking for people who are excited about the prospect of making computers easier and more accessible for all generations—people who want to effect real change in the software industry.

Ideal candidates will:
– Have experience working in an open-source environment
– Be able to collaborate effectively with teammates over the Web
– Work well with people of all ages
– Live in or frequent Northern California
– Pry themselves away from the monitor to learn first-hand from users
– Obsess over crafting elegant and intuitive user experiences
– Anticipate the chaotic atmosphere of a startup—and thrive in it

I’d like to think that #4 rules me out but it’s probably not just that. Who am I kidding?

The other reason for writing about this is that the Parakey website is simple and uncluttered and Blake Ross’s post is well-written, things for me that deserve link love.


Your thoughts?

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