Publishing to blogs via email

BlogMailr, no relation to Flickr I presume, which I found out about via Lifehacker, is a way to publish your blog through email. From the hors’s (spelling mistake intentional) mouth:

BlogMailr is all about making publishing to your blog easy. There is nothing to download, nothing to install, it’s free for personal use, and works with all popular blogging software. BlogMailr allows you to publish to your blog from anything that can send an email whether it’s your PC, Mac, Phone, PDA … you name it. If you can send an email you’ve got everything you need to use BlogMailr.

Here’s how it works and if you’ve got questions, you can check out the FAQ and go from there.

I’ve not tried this yet, so this is not an endorsement but just an announcement. The idea’s pretty neat and it does support, so maybe I’ll try it sometime. BlogMailr is the love child of the self-professed geeks at Telligent .