Restoring a girl to her parents

I got an email yesterday about a girl named Pooja, who was rescued from a beggar, who’d kidnapped her to make her beg. He’s deaf and dumb and apparently the police hasn’t been able to get the information about where he kidnapped her from. Strange.

There’s a website that was created to help find her parents and you can check out pictures of Pooja and some information there . There’s not much else on the website, so I’m just posting the contact information of the orphanage where Pooja is staying.

If you know any information about her parents, please call this orphanage. The phone number is 0471-2307434 (0471 is the area code for Trivandrum, Kerala).

I haven’t been watching the news on TV, so I don’t know if the news channels have picked this up. I searched Google and found one mention on NDTV’s blog but not much else. There was a story in the Deccan Herald today and I think there are a couple of other newspapers that have carried this, but not a lot.

I wonder if the girl will find her parents. Is there a national database for missing persons in India? I’ve not heard of it, if it does exist. Maybe it’s time to create one.


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