It's a button stupid

Ever been to a web page where you try to click a button but it doesn’t click? I find a few of them now and then, two are websites of banks, one multi-national and the other Indian, both big.

The button can’t be clicked, except for the area where the text of the button is present. That’s because the text is hyperlinked but the button is not.

This is annoying because when you’re working on a desktop application, you don’t usually face this problem. So, the button metaphor that you carry over from the desktop world doesn’t apply in the web world on some websites.

I’d find it easier if, instead of using not-really-buttons, developers used hyperlinks instead. At least you’d know where to click. (Of course, there is room for confusion if you make the hyperlink colour and the text colour the same, but let’s not go there.)

For me, this kind of problem can be fixed by making sure that your designer-developer team does its job or by catching it by testing your application with users, or both.

It’s difficult to remember an exception to a rule for some sites, especially when they’re really not exceptions but not-so-great designs.

Plus, there are so many websites now-a-days.


One thought on “It's a button stupid

  1. Hmm. I’ve always had this problem. Have now “adapted” myself to clicking on the text. If at all I get to design a web-site, this is one issue I’ll surely be taking care of. :-)

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