Strand Book Festival 2006

As a character from a movie* says, ‘It’s like I have ESPN or something.’

I wrote about the Crossword sale yesterday and mentioned Strand and I get this in my email. (Formatted and edited for

The Annual Strand Book Festival
at Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium
Fri 24 Nov – Sun 10 Dec
Heavenly discounts upto 80%.

Extravagant range of over 40,000 titles for adults and children. With fresh stocks every single day.

At the Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium, with direct access only through Gate 17 on Link Rd. Plus unlimited free parking on Cubbon Rd, Union Rd. and Link Rd.

The guys who write the email used exclamation marks liberally, so I had to edit the content. Also, they could use some help with the way the email has been presented, but this is about books, so I’ll let this go.

I wrote about this last year and it looks like they’ve made the stadium venue a habit, which is good. The last time I got good deals on books, and found books that I’d not seen anywhere else in bookstores, so if books are your thang, you’ll be salivating.


* — Mean Girls if you must know.


Your thoughts?

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