The Departed

Plenty of abusive language. Plenty of violence. Plenty of tension. Plenty of good actors. Great plot. Superb director. Go see the movie.

If you’re a Martin Scorcese fan, this is a must watch. Duh! Even if you’re not familiar with his work, the way the tension is mantained through the story, the performances Leo Di Caprio (who’s become a Scorcese favourite it seems), Matt Damon, and Martin Sheen, and the way the movie draws you in, it’s worth a watch.

The movie’s based on a Hong Kong cult classic called Infernal Affairs, which I’d not seen, so that helped.

Stripped down story: Nicholson is the bad guy and takes a boy, who later grows up to become Matt Damon, under his wing. Damon becomes a cop (state police) and feeds information to Nicholson. The undercover unit of the state police recruits Leo Di Caprio to infiltrate Nicholson’s gang and to find evidence to bring him down. The cat and mouse game to find the rat (no pun intended) is what makes the movie taut and fun to watch. It’s a long movie, but you don’t feel it that much.

Another good movie from Scorcese but will the Oscar jinx continue? I thought he’d win it for Aviator the last time around but he didn’t. So, who knows?

PS: I thought De Niro would’ve kicked ass as the bad guy instead of Nicholson, and Mark Wahlberg could’ve been used in a meatier role. But, I’m just nitpicking.


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