Casino Royale and that Craig guy

Good, very good. Both Craig as Bond and the movie too. While everyone’s making comparisons, John Scalzi writes that we should give Pierce Brosnan more respect and it’s a piece worth reading for his dissection of the Bond actors.

It’s worth remembering that GoldenEye, the first of the Brosnan Bonds, was as much of a reboot of the series as Casino Royale is touted as being. The producers shockingly went outside the Bond camp to find a new director (Martin Campbell, who, as it happens, also directs Royale) and new screenwriters (Jeffrey Caine, who was nominated for an Oscar just last year for his screenplay for The Constant Gardener, and Bruce Feirstein, better known as a humorist, and who gave the Bond dialog some real kick). The story also recognized that Bond had become an anachronism (you’ll recall M’s dressing down of Bond as a misogynist dinosaur) and thus allowed him to get over it and get on with being Bond for the 90s.

In no uncertain terms, the reboot saved the series: GoldenEye became the first Bond flick to gross over $100 million domestically and more than doubled the international take of Licence; what’s more, each subsequent Brosnan Bond film made more, both domestically and internationally, than the one before it.

I’d read that this Bond movie is different from most and this is something you’ll notice if you’re a Bond fan. It is different in a good kind of way though.

There’s a different, vulnerable side to Bond, and an insight into why he becomes the way he is. Daniel Craig is very good as Bond and no wonder critics have been raving about him. He’s got a rugged look, with a steely gaze and brings out a coldness in the character. There were some shots where we went too close to the face, which weren’t necessary. I mean, we don’t have to see the pimples. Not that he had any that I noticed.

The action scenes are well done and will set your heart pumping, as will Eva Green. I had a sense of deja vu when I saw her and I realised in the movie that she reminded me a little of Debra Winger, she of An Officer and a Gentleman fame. She’s pretty and there’s a nice tension between her and Craig. One of the better Bond girls I would say.

There’s not a lot of gadgets in the movie but some nice roaring engines. There’s also a lot of Sony Ericsson and Sony placements throughout the movie. The two characters that don’t appear are Moneypenny and Q, and surprisingly, you don’t miss them.

You’ve got to give props to the director and the script writers, and the soundtrack. The bonus is the Bond theme at the end, when the credits roll. Superb.

I can’t wait to see how the next Bond film shapes up because the “reboot” (as John Scalzi calls it) is really interesting. It’s Craig 1 – Critics 0.

As Robin Williams says in the HBO promos, ‘Watch’.


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