After iWoz, it’s iCon; I’m in an iApple reading mode it may seem. I think iCon came out before iWoz but I read the books in the reverse order.

iCon is an unauthorized biography of Steve Jobs written by Jeffrey Young and William Simon. This review hit the nail on the head for me:

The real problem is that Young and Simon don’t seem to have known what book they wanted to write. Is it a business book, offering a lesson for people who might want to do their own second act? No. Though there are references to how badly NeXT and Pixar did, and vague handwaving about the pit that Apple was in when Jobs rejoined in 1996 (indeed, Simon helped write In The Firing Line, the memoir of Gil Amelio, whom Jobs ousted), there isn’t the focus on what really has gone right or wrong at Apple during Jobs’s watch.

I did not enjoy the book and though I finished it, it wasn’t really enjoyable or memorable.

If you want to read about Steve Jobs, I recommend Alan Deutschman’s The Second Coming of Steve Jobs, a book that is far better than iCon. (You can read some excerpts here.)

I wouldn’t have minded a second helping of The Second Coming… as compared to a first serving of iCon.


Your thoughts?

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