Filtered content? Use Psiphon

From Scaling the walls of Web censorship:

All you can see on the video clip is a laptop computer and a man’s hands. He goes to Google and enters a search: “women’s issues.” When he clicks on the resulting links, though, every site is blocked. He is in Iran, one of more than 40 countries that filter the Internet in some way, and one of 12 that have a pervasive filtration system that blocks content.

Now he logs onto a program labelled Psiphon and tries the Google search again. This time the results are in the tens of thousands.

“Thank you, guys,” he says.

The 25-second clip plays on the laptop of Ronald Deibert, director of the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, the birthplace of Psiphon…

It’s an interesting concept because the software uses a port that’s used for financial transactions and that might make it harder to block.

Maybe we’ll hear more about this software once it catches on.


Your thoughts?

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