If I had 10 GB of space, I would…

Pre-script: This post is in response to this post on WordPress.com.

1) Rename my MP3 files with the extension JPEG and store them on this blog. (Since the WP.com guys are smart, they’d figure this out and kill this blog. Please don’t.)

2) Take more pictures with my digital camera (the highest resolution possible), upload them, and then link to them, which would drive away whatever few readers come here.

3) Store all the PDF e-books that I’ve downloaded but never read. For reading, someday.

4) Is WP.com allowing us to upload videos/podcasts? I wonder…

5) Backup my documents, so I can access them anywhere.

A lot can be done with 10 GB of space but apparently my brain has gone into shutdown mode. Wake up, wake up…

If nothing, I learnt how to send a trackback. Or as Homer would say, Did I?


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