It’s called SMS for a reason

Reading an email where SMS language has been used bugs me. You know the kind: Lng tme snc I hrd frm u. Howz u? Am gr8. Wrk nt gd, lkng 4 jbs…

SMS lingo is great for SMS, where you have a limitation on the number of characters used and the constraint of the small display on the mobile phone. No such constraints on the computer, so there’s no reason to use SMS lingo.

The other problem with using SMS-kind of constructs is that they’re harder to read. Yes, harder to read because you have to figure out what the word is first–so you’re doing an extra bit of work reading the text. (Just to clarify that this is not my idea, I just can’t remember where I read about this before.)

By sending SMS-style messages in non-SMS mediums, what you’re essentially doing is putting an additional burden on the reader, i.e. making it harder for the reader to understand what you’re saying. Also, there’s a chance that your tone and/or meaning doesn’t get conveyed. Conveying tone is a big problem with emails anyway and SMS-style spartan character use can cause more problems.

Shortcuts are okay sometimes, but using SMS-speak in email, letters (do people write these anymore?), or regular conversation is taking things a little too far. Plus, me thinks it comes from a little bit of a lazy place–I don’t want to type so many characters.

To that I say, Get voice recognition software or something.


4 thoughts on “It’s called SMS for a reason

  1. I completely agree with you that reading SMS kind of messages in an email is harder. It gets very irritating when you have to spend a couple of minutes or more trying to figure out the words. Grrrr….

  2. Hey…
    I guess I agree with every word over there(um…almost every word).

    Would just like to point out something…Life is nothing but a race against time. So…its but natural that we come up with more and more means of duping it. Using SMS language is just another way of gaining a milestone in this race.

    However it does not mean that the people using them are lazy or not well versed with the english language…on the contrary I would say it takes more pain to come up with such stuff than using the conventional form of communication…

    Will take leave…and keep blogging!

    p.s. I’ve written this post complying to all the rules of grammar, just to prove that I’m not one of those compulsive SMS-lingo users!!

  3. I agree that SMS-language has a use in every day life; just not in longer communication. Making others do the work in deciphering and then understanding what you have to say is not good. And, if it takes more work to come up with SMS-speak, then it’s better to just stick to regular lingo.

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