Nine super, yet simple, inventions

I had to put something inside the fridge today and realised that there are so many simple inventions that we take for granted. Here are some that I came up with, in no particular order. This is not an exhaustive list or a complete one, just a list of things that I thought of, so be nice.

1. Rubber bands: Seriously, can you imagine a life without rubber bands? You can extend this (no pun intended) to elastic of all kinds.

2.Staplers and staple pins: Like rubber bands, they come in all sizes and are ubiquitous.

3. Nail clippers: For all you nail biters out there, cut it out–there’s a nicer, cleaner, healthier way to clip nails.

4. Scissors: Imagine opening packets, cutting tags, and doing whatever else without scissors.

5. Pens: From the feather (quill) dipped in ink, which needed an ink bottle/pot, to the current range of pens that are far easier to use, this is one invention that’s been around for a while and will be.

6. Gum/Glue: Whatever it’s called in your part of the world, this is another one of those things that’s been around for a while. You get the slick (no pun intended) glue sticks now-a-days but head over to a post-office (in India) and you can find the real sticky, starchy, homemade glue.

7. Stamps: Stick them on to your letters/cards, put them in a mailbox/post box, and fuggedabadit. Well, mostly.

8. Trolleys: Airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, they’re everywhere. A hybrid version of baskets on wheels if you will, but aren’t they helpful especially when you’ve got heavy stuff to carry around.

9. Matches/Matchboxes: Two stones, some grass, or some wood. What Tom Hanks’ character would’ve given for some matches in Castaway. The alternative’s way better and yet so elegant.

What’s your favourite super, yet simple, invention?


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