The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

I know this is old news but this is a book that I read recently, so it’s new to me. Mark Haddon’s book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, is about an autistic teenager who decides that he wants to play detective and solve the murder of a neighbour’s dog.

The book is full of quirky humour that I loved and it’s got geeky stuff too, so I imagine it’ll appeal to geeks as well. The story’s quite simple and told from the viewpoint of the main character and Haddon works magic with his words. The humour is subtle and the story moves along in a nice smooth flow.

I remember reading somewhere that this was a book for children but I think that’s an unfair categorisation. I enjoyed the book immensely and if you’ve not read it, it’s definitely worth a read.

It’s entertaining and leaves you satisfied, and it’s a book that you won’t forget.


3 thoughts on “The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

  1. well it’s considered a children’s book because it’s about a child, isn’t it? but i think these days genre doesn’t matter, content does. apparently haddon’s next book is quite good too, nominated for awards already – and classified as an adult novel this time. ;)

  2. Yeah but I think a book about a child need not be a children’s book. Still, it’s a good read, so that’s the only thing that matters. Thanks for the heads up about Haddon’s new book–will keep a look out for it.

  3. hey me too have read the book, njoyed it subtle humour. well the book , was a narrtive of a child’s experience, but in a way it made a gud appeal to ppl of all age groups. good to know that , this time haddon has written something for adults. hope the content and the homour will be as good as his previous works.

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