Thank you for smoking

Thank you for smoking probably won’t release in theatres in India, so you’ll have to watch it on DVD. Or maybe the movie released and I still had to catch it on DVD.

Either way, it’s a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed because of the unusual story and the humour. Aaron Eckhart is brilliant in the lead role as the spin guy (Nick Naylor) for the tobacco industry and it’s his film from the start. The humour is dark and kinda reminds me of a Cohen brothers movie, let’s say Fargo, which was far more violent.

The movie’s also focuses Naylor’s relationship with his son; the son who lives with Naylor’s ex-wife and her boyfriend. The use of humour, the arguments, the sarcasm, and the tight script ensure that the movie is thoroughly enjoyable. The supporting actors like William H. Macy, Rob Lowe, Maria Bello, Katie “Cruise” Holmes are also perfectly cast.

Just a word of warning that this movie is more of the cerebral variety, so if you’re looking for slapstick or action, this is not your idea of a good time.


2 thoughts on “Thank you for smoking

  1. Hey Percy! Long time. But I loved the movie! Hilarious, esp. the scene where the kid convinces his mum that he should accompany dad to california. Not surprisingly, IMDB has rated the movie pretty high too (or rather the fans).
    PS: And what is this I hear about iron maiden playing in bangalore in march?

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