It’s just an engagement

CNN-IBN had an interesting program schedule last night. They led the news with the engagement of you-know-he to you-know-her and then after that, had a special on the engagement with their film editor, Rajeev Masand. (No, I didn’t watch because I was sick of all the hype.)

Then, their 10 o’clock news program was titled, ‘Are we a celebrity-starved nation?’ or something like that. After that, I think they had some other program about the engagement. Duh.

The other networks weren’t any better. Each of them had an “exclusive” with Big B and he answered pretty much the same questions, which made me wonder if it was a lookalike doing all the talking.

All channels fell over themselves reporting the “breaking news” and the reactions of viewers to this development. Meanwhile, in a unrelated note, more skeletons were found in Noida.

News is being dumbed down to such an extent that cricket and Bollywood always seem to get top billing. Sure, viewers like to escape reality, but they can do that with the seventy or so movie channels. The focus of the television news media on entertainment is too much at the moment and the trend may not stop.

The media can thump their chest about how they make an impact but when push comes to shove, it’s always the popular (read: advertising revenue) over the important (read: not-so-sexy) news.

For people who like to consider themselves journalists, that’s sad.


4 thoughts on “It’s just an engagement

  1. It’s so sad. I woke up to find that this was front page news. I stopped watching the news when “It rained in Delhi today” was the major segment on the 10 o’ clock news ( I was in Delhi, so we already knew!). Now I think I’ll stop reading the papers too. Internet. Yes, Internet’s the way to go.

  2. The Internet’s a good option but you still have to fire up that computer, go to the website or wherever, but with TV it’s almost instantaneous. I hope we don’t have to abandon TV altogether–that wouldn’t be good.

  3. This is nothing. The Times of India is currently carrying out their ‘India Poised’ campaign. And who is their cheerleader? One guess – Big B. Big Surprise eh.

    Also, have you noticed on thing in the print media? They all carry reports from PTI, or AP or someone – theres no opinion alongside, just dumb copy/paste and every newspaper has the same version. This country is going to the dogs. And they have the b*lls to call it India Poised.

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