Of boundaries and going beyond them

Brilliant stuff from Eric Sink, from his post titled Baptists and boundaries:

Whenever I speak to a bunch of developers, one of my favorite things to do is ask the crowd if they have ever heard of Joel Spolsky. Most of the time, far less than half the crowd raises their hand. Why do I do this? Because it helps me remember that life outside my boundaries is a lot different than life here inside.

So does it surprise you that most software developers have never heard of Joel? It always surprises me.

But the fact is that most software developers don’t read blogs.

For that matter, most people on this planet are not software developers.

In fact, most people on Earth don’t have a computer and don’t use the Internet.

On a certain level, we know all these facts and consider them to be obvious.

But on another level, we get surprised every time the reality of one of these facts confronts us.

We don’t look outside our boundaries. We think we’re the only ones here.

Even if you’re not a software developer, this is a post worth reading.


Your thoughts?

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