Deja Vu

Deja Vu is an interesting movie with a thriller-like pace, with a nice plot and story. Denzel Washington plays Doug Carlin, a ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) agent who investigates a bombing in New Orleans. During his investigation, he meets an FBI agent (Val Kilmer) who is impressed with his skills and brings him on board their investigation.

What the FBI team has at their disposal is the ability to see images from the past. They call it a data stream or something of the sort and can use it to zoom in to people’s bedrooms and bathrooms. Literally. But is it what they say it is?

Without giving out the plot I can’t explain further but suffice to say that this is the part where you’ll have to suspend disbelief and accept the premise. Once you do that and accept the premise the rest of the movie takes you on thrilling ride. Will the tragedy be averted? How will it all tie in? That leads to a gripping finale.

After the movie, you come away thinking about the plot and how it makes sense and whether it makes sense. It made sense to me except for one minor detail that might have been a mistake, but if I tell you, you’ll kill me.

Denzel Washington is excellent and gets into the character’s skin and convinces you that he’s the character. Enough said.

The camera and the angles were used intelligently and the movie’s pace was tight throughout. From the explosive beginning, right to the end, the pace is maintained except during the explanation of the “system”, there is a natural drop in the adrenalin generated.

Deja Vu is a good movie to watch if you like thrillers and somewhat believable science fiction. Deja Vu is a good movie to watch…