White space is good

Have you ever given up on an article because the paragraphs were too long or because the lines were crammed together? Or, picked up a book and browsed through it to find that it had too much text, which made it hard to read?

White space is good.

If not, every sentence would be hardtoreadbecauseyou’dhaveto work harder to figure out the words. And, between sentences, you’d find it hard to read if the line spacing wasn’t adequate.

Even at the paragraph level, white space (line breaks between paragraphs) is a good thing. Otherwise, everything would be one long paragraph and that would make content hard to read, hard to understand, and probably push people away from reading the content.

Content is king, but white space make things so much easier on the eyes and on your brain. The next time you write something, make sure to pay attention to the white space, in addition to the content.

Like I said, white space is good.


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