Bandh postponed to enable 3-day weekend

From today’s Deccan Herald:

Karnataka Gadi Horata Samiti, an umbrella organisation of several pro-Kannada groups, has postponed its proposed state-wide bundh to February 12. Earlier, the bundh was slated for February 8.

Samiti leaders MLA Vatal Nagaraj, Kannada Sahitya Parishat President Prof Chandrashekhar Patil and others, at a press conference here on Tuesday, said, the bundh was postponed to facilitate creation of awareness among the people on the motive of the protest.

That’s what they’re telling you. The actual reason is that by having the bandh on Monday, people can enjoy a three-day weekend. If companies decide to work on this Saturday though, this will not go down well with their employees or with the people who are calling the bandh.

And, from the same Herald article:

Leaders said, barring essential services like milk supply, hospitals and medical shops, all other services would be withdrawn between 6 am and 6 pm on February 12.

I have heard from unreliable sources that only milk from Karnataka’s cows will be sold on Monday. Also, sources have indicated that people residing in Karnataka must travel to Delhi or Mumbai to apply for their US visas. “Travelling to Chennai is not an option,” a fabricated source said.

Stay tuned for more breaking news.


4 thoughts on “Bandh postponed to enable 3-day weekend

  1. Stay tuned for more breaking news.

    What a retarded blog and what a retard comment. Seriously, just what exactly are you achieving?

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