Once bitten, twice elegant

I was helping my friend change a flat tire yesterday. We tried hard to prise the car jack out of its resting place in the trunk of the car. We pulled, pushed, huffed and puffed, and almost gave up. I studied the ‘structure’ which housed the jack and tried to slide the jack out–no luck.

Then, in a moment of seredipity, I turned a screw on the jack, which made the jack tighter and got it out of the housing. It was simple and elegant, yet not something you could figure out easily, unless you’d encountered the same situation before or if you’re highly tool-savvy, which I’m not.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget how to remove the jack, so in terms of memorability, it’s a fantastic design.

The problem with the design comes when you’re having your first encounter–we almost gave up because we couldn’t figure a way out.

There was no clue pointing to the way to get the jack out. Now, I know, so I won’t feel dumb the next time around.

I just wish someone had told me first.


2 thoughts on “Once bitten, twice elegant

  1. Had the same experience the first time I tried to remove the jack from my Maruti 800. Finally got it out the same way as you did, after struggling with it for a long time. As you said, once you figure out how to remove the jack, you’ll never forget. Maybe they should put a sticker close to where the jack is housed, telling you how to remove it. (Yeah, very likely…).

    PS. Liked the title of the post.

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