The Eldest

The Eldest is the second book of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance trilogy; the first book was reviewed here earlier.

While Eragon was mostly about the main character Eragon’s adventures, The Eldest also follows the adventure of Eragon’s cousin, Roran. Truth be told, in this book, Roran’s story is much more interesting as compared to Eragon’s. Roran’s in the thick of the action, and for the most part Eragon is away, getting trained, and discovering the culture of the elves.

So, while the first book was pacy, the second book…not so much. This is a bit of a shame because while the descriptions are interesting, they do not add to the story and more importantly, do not move the story along much. As a result, the parts where Roran is featured are gripping and the parts with Eragon tend towards being soporific.

Towards the end of the book, the action hots up and the story gets interesting again. You finish the book wanting to read the third one, which is a good sign. Looking back though, I felt that maybe Paolini could’ve done more with the book.

Still, I think I should give the guy a break. It’s his second novel, he’s just 22 years old now, and he’s writing a freaking fantasy trilogy. Perspective man. Maybe his third book will be a masterpiece because, in spite of all the things I’ve said, he’s set up the third book really nicely.

Oh, and Chris, finish it quick won’t ya?


Your thoughts?

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