The Holiday

The Holiday is primarily about the lives of Kate Winslett and Cameron Diaz–more accurately, mostly about their relationships.

Warning: Some plot spoilers may follow.

Kate Winslett is a reporter at a newspaper in London. Cameron Diaz owns a company that makes movie-trailers. Jack Black is composes scores for movies. And Jude Law is an editor at a publishing house.

Winslett finds out at the office Christmas party that her ex-boyfriend and still-friend is engaged to be married. She’s devastated and while she’s drowning in her sorrows at home, she gets a message from Cameron Diaz, who she’s never met, about exchanging homes.

Diaz, on her end, has broken up with her boyfriend and she’s looking for a break from her routine. An annoying chat session follows and they decide to exchange houses for two weeks. So, Winslett flies to L.A. and Diaz to London, and then goes to Winslett’s house, which is in a village.

Winslett is thrilled with the L.A. home, which in addition to superb interiors with everything imaginable, has a pool as well. Diaz, on the other hand, is not so thrilled with the cold, and the small house.

Winslett meets Jack Black, who is a friend of Diaz’s ex, and then meets an old man, who she later discovers is a famous screenwriter. The old man, played superbly by Eli Wallach, quickly becomes friends with the younger woman and a nice relationship develops. Jack Black too starts hanging out with Winslett and becomes friendly with her.

In England, in the meanwhile, Jude Law shows up piss drunk at the place where Diaz is staying, because he’s Winslett’s brother. Sparks fly between the two and soon, they’re spending time together.

What will happen to the relationships that develop? Will there be heartbreak again? These questions are answered by the end of the movie.

For me, the movie was okay with the pace slowing down considerably at times. I think why the movie doesn’t work is because though you’re following two characters, you feel like you’re keeping track of more.

Diaz was grating in her role as the rich, American girl and is stereotyped in her role and the acting. Of course, it’s unfair to her that she’s compared to Kate Winslett who’s absolutely magnificient. There’s a scene at the beginning of the movie, where her face changes colour and her eyes change expression on hearing that her ex is engaged–it’s genius. The woman can act.

Jude Law also gives a good account of himself and Eli Wallach is superb. Jack Black’s role is pretty muted, unlike his slightly over-the-top roles.

The Holiday is a movie to watch if you want to snuggle up with your significant other and enjoy the romance. Otherwise, you can give it a miss.


Your thoughts?

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