Recapping the 2007 Oscars

It’s over and I’m glad because this one was like the Energizer bunny — it kept going on and on and on. I’m now at the point where I’m questioning whether watching the Oscars is worth it; I gave up on the Grammy’s a few years ago and the Oscars may be next.

Having said that, I’m glad Martin Scorcese finally won an Oscar, but it was almost an anti-climax, since you’ve been expecting him to win for so long. I’m also glad that Forrest Whitaker won; I think he is a superb actor, even if I have not seen The Last King of Scotland, or voted for him. (I don’t have a vote but it’s the thought that counts.)

I feel bad for Kate Winslett and Leo Di Caprio, who have not won in spite of multiple nominations. Winslett is 0 for 5 and Di Caprio 0 for 3, if memory serves me right. Winslett could become the next Scorcese.

Ellen De Generes was passable as the host and was certainly not one of the memorable ones. Of the hosts in the past years, I remember Whoopi Goldberg and the incomparable Billy Crystal. Maybe they should try getting Steve Carell or Jack Black to host the next time around.

Oh, and make it shorter, will ya?


Your thoughts?

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