It’s summer already?

If you ventured out in the afternoon over the last few days, you would’ve noticed the searing heat. The sun seems to be beating down with a vengeance–global hotting, I would say.

Then, there’s the power cuts to add to the misery, though I’m glad that they’re not happening during prime-time TV in my area. (I’ve got my priorities straight, as you can see.)

But, seriously, BESCOM is efficient in cutting power, you have to give them that. There’s no choice really–with the news about the grids being overloaded and states over-drawing power, it’s almost inevitable. That’s a discussion for another day.

Meanwhile, we’re just walking into March and it’s summer already. I wonder what April and May will bring–showers are welcome.

Climate change is a reality that we’re just waking up to. Will we do something about it? That my friend is the one crore question.


Your thoughts?

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