Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.

Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. (HTPL) is one of those multi-character plots with an interesting premise–a bunch of couples on their honeymoon–but the end result is disappointing.

There are six couples that we follow through the movie and you can find out more about the couples and the actors who play them here.

The shining stars of the movie for me are Raima Sen, Kay Kay Menon, and Boman Irani. Raima Sen, in particular, plays the role of a Bengali wife to perfection. At the other extreme, Amisha Patel in the role of a talkative wife is grating.

The product placements (Radio Mirchi is prominent throughout the movie) is also something that I didn’t enjoy. Using a radio station and letters as a semi-narrator was weird at best. To be fair, there are places where the movie is funny, but in tackling too many stories (and issues), it stumbles.

Some stories that are interesting (Azmi & Irani, and Sen and Menon) but trying to give everyone equal face-time tends to spoil the broth. And, the token “message” at the end of the movie, delivered by Azmi’s characterwas a classic “tell don’t show” and totally unnecessary.

When you watch a movie, you need to root for certain characters or care about certain characters and you can’t do that when you don’t have an identifiable protagonist.

I’m sure that there’ll be people who enjoyed this movie as a “time pass” but I’m not one of them.


3 thoughts on “Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.

  1. I like the way you review movies on your blog. The reviews are informative and succinct.

    I watched ‘Honeymoon Travels’ recently and quite enjoyed the movie. In addition to Raima Sen and Kay Kay Menon my favourite couple is the one played by Abhay Deol and his co star (don’t know her name). The fairy-tale romance of this couple with the twist at the end was reasonably funny.

    I think Shabana Azmi’s ‘message’ at the end was pretty good as sometimes ‘telling’ works well enough.

    I did find the movie a good ‘time pass’ on a leisure weekend.

  2. Hey! This is totally unrelated but I got to this blog while googling for Hyderabad food information. Thanks for the information.
    Read this post about Irani chai but its too old. (2005). Where do you get these now in Hyderabad except Paradise? Are there any places that are open all night ? Or atleast until a little after midnight ?

  3. I can’t remember the name of the place near the city station, Blue ———– cafe or something like that; it’s close to the bus stand before the railway bridge. I haven’t had the tea there though, so I can’t give you information about how long it’s open or whether the tea’s any good.

    Garden Cafe (near Clock Tower, Secunderabad) is another place that has Irani chai but not as good as Paradise for me. About places that are open a little after midnight, I have no idea. You could check with Paradise or Garden Cafe, they may be open.

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