Frustrating, Frustrating Arsenal

Arsenal are out of the 2007 Champions League. They scored one goal in two games, and that was an own goal by PSV defender, Alex.

In a way I’m glad that I couldn’t watch the game on TV because of Ten Sports’ decision not to telecast the game live or tape delayed. I did follow the game online with live text updates on a couple of sites. (Yeah, I was up till 3 a.m.)

It seems like the familiar pattern–Arsenal created chances, had a lot of possession but it doesn’t reflect in the scoresheet. As cruel as it is, football is about scoring goals and we didn’t score enough. To be fair, with the amount of injuries Arsenal have had this season, any team would struggle. That doesn’t make it easier to swallow.

To add injury to insult, Arsenal are now faced with the prospect of a few weeks without their captain Theirry Henry. The number of injuries this season makes me wonder if we should consult a witch doctor to check if there’s a voodoo on ous or something.

But, there’s no silverware with Arsenal’s name on it this season, just like last year. There is however, a prospect of a Champions League place next year, something that is definitely worth fighting for.

We now have only one focus and the number of games we have to play is lower. We can have players recover from injuries and even when the season is over, the recoveries of players will be much easier. (There’s no World Cup to play this year, remember?)

Yes, it’s going to hurt that we’re out of the running for any silverware, but sometimes hurting is good–what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I know that sounds cliched but that’s how you grow as a team–you put disappointments behind you and you focus on the positives. And, there are a ton of positives for this year–the Carling Cup team shining so brilliantly is one example.

I hope though that Arsene and Arsenal won’t forget the disappointments of this season, but use them as motivation for the next year.

Losing still sucks though.


3 thoughts on “Frustrating, Frustrating Arsenal

  1. Whoa, my thoughts exactly! I have switched off browsing through Arsenal sites (primarily blogs) since the Carling cup debacle. Doesn’t do much for your blood pressure. August, a rejuvented Arsenal, and fresh hopes can’t come quickly enough!

    BTW, Ten Sports sucks. I really preferred the ESPN-Star coverage last year and hope the win the broadcast rights for the next year!

  2. Rajesh: Don’t know of any Gooner fan club in Bangalore or rather, I haven’t heard of any.

    About Ten Sports, I think that they have a multi-year deal. *Sigh* I can’t understand why they take up something like this when they have only one channel. The good thing about ESPN-Star was that they had two channels and you could switch between games. Also, ESPN-Star has the rights to the Hong Kong Region–they just didn’t think India was lucrative enough I guess.

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