The Legend of Sikander

The first time we went to Sikander, we loved the food. We ordered food from the menu–chicken kabab platter, roti, and chef’s special tadka dal (menu names are approximations)–and the food was excellent. The kababs were tender, flavoursome, and succulent. The dal was excellent with the rotis and we really had an excellent meal.

It was natural then that we would think about going again. This time, we (in a much bigger group) were told that there was a restricted menu–as in, we have the buffet–so go for that. There was no indication on the menu about what could be ordered or not–for that we’d have to ask the waiter and he’d tell us if the dish was available or not. Tried a couple and then figured that it was easier to eat the buffet.

We started off with a nice, veggie soup and kabab starters–chicken somethingi, mutton mince cutlets, baby tandoori potatoes, and veggie cutlets–served at our table. Good stuff.

The buffet spread had one veg biryani and a mutton biryani, a couple of veg curries (four I think), two non-veg curries (one fish, one chicken), salads with one or two chat-style dishes, curd rice, rotis (served at your table), and the usual papad, raita.

Again, the food was good. The dessert section was decent–ice-cream, one halwa, and rasagullas–not spectacular but a good end to the meal.

The third time we went to Sikander was today and was a disappointment. There was no option of ordering off the menu, we had to go for the buffet. And, we were told this only after we were seated–not exactly the best time for you to change your mind.

The buffet was almost exactly the same as the previous time we’d been there. After we’d visited the last time around, a person from Sikander called my number to ask about the experience. I told her that it was good but that they should’ve told us that ordering off the menu was restricted. She thanked me for the feedback and I thought to myself that it was a good thing that they’d followed up.

And, they went from a restricted menu to NO menu at all? Fine, I could live with that, if they’d put a notice by the entrance saying that there was NO other option BUT the buffet.

But, if the choices in the buffet are exactly the same as we had a month or so ago, that’s disappointing. You expect some repeats but (almost) exact same dishes is tardy. I’m not in the restaurant business but if I were running a restaurant, especially an upscale restaurant, I’d expect some imaginative thinking.

Maybe that’s too much to expect–I don’t know. What I do know is that I won’t be going to Sikander for a while. It’s not that I don’t like the food–it’s just that I like to have some choice in what I eat.

That, and if I eat the same buffet again, I think I’ll be sick.

PS: I don’t know what the legend of Sikander really is but everyone I know refers to the restaurant as Sikander.


2 thoughts on “The Legend of Sikander

  1. It’s the new trick that most places employ. You make a reservation, and they are silent. You go, sit down @ the hotel, they are silent. You stay there, and the waiter quietly approaches you, and says “Sorry Sir, Buffet only!”. I’ve been to several places that have different food each day of the week, which is a good thing. I’m surprised that this particular restaurant that you’ve mentioned has been doing this, since a lot of people who’ve been there have told me that the food there is excellent! Will keep this in mind.

  2. It’s actually the only place that I think I’ve encountered this–otherwise places are pretty up front about it. The food is good but the service or non-disclosure takes something away from the overall experience.

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