Mindmeister & Beta Invites

Mindmeister is a new, collaborative mind-mapping tool that I read about on Anne Zelenka’s post on Web Worker Daily. If you’re new to mind-mapping and if the Wikipedia link above doesn’t satisfy you, I’ve blogged about it here.

I wanted to try Mindmeister but the invites were gobbled up quickly, so I figured I’d do the next best thing–wait for the public beta. That, and I subscribed to their newsletter so they’d let me know when I’d get to try their software.

Good decision, because, one day later, I received a private-beta invite in my Inbox. Quite thrilling to be on the cutting edge of, well, private-beta. I tried it out yesterday and it looks interesting, though I must admit that I didn’t spend a lot of time on the software.

Cool features include auto-saving, exporting to tools like FreeMind and MindManager, and of course, collaboration. Hopefully, I’ll write a detailed review once I’ve used the software a bit more.

I have a few invites left, so if anyone’s intersted in trying out the software, leave a comment and I’ll send you an invite. Please be patient because I’m not online all day so I may take a little while (read: at Web 1.0 speed) to invite you.

That’s all folks.


15 thoughts on “Mindmeister & Beta Invites

  1. If you still happen to have any invites left, I would appreciate it if you sent me one. Thank you!

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