If you can’t score, it’ll catch up with you

Arsenal lost to Everton in pretty much the last minute of the game (or the beginning of injury time) on a goal by Andy Johnson. After watching Arsenal struggle against Aston Villa, you had the feeling that if they didn’t take their chances they would pay. And they did. Andy Johnson hit a cannon of a ball and Lehmann had no chance.

You can talk all you want about marking etc., but the thing is that we didn’t score and Everton did. We had our chances but somehow the ball didn’t want to go in the back of the net or we didn’t know how to put it there. While Adebayor is no goal-machine, it’ll be nice to have him back, especially against Liverpool.

The loss was frustrating because Arsenal dominated for long periods but they failed to score–pretty much the sad tale of the 2006-2007 season. . I wonder where the goals are going to come from the rest of the season’s matches. Walcott is going to be undergoing surgery on Tuesday, so he’s done for the season.

If we can get Clichy back for the Liverpool game, we can move Gilberto back to the midfield and play Toure and Gallas at the centre. Gilberto did okay at the centre, but he’s a good player to have in front of the defence not in it.

I would’ve even preferred a Djourou-Gallas (or Senderos-Gallas) partnership with Toure at right back instead of Gilberto-Gallas. Maybe that’s something to think about for the Liverpool game. Clichy (if he’s fit), Gallas, Djourou/Senderos, Toure. We’ll have the height in the middle and Clichy and Toure will have the speed to cope with Liverpool’s attackers and they’ll attack as well.

Third place is still up for grabs and beating Liverpool at Anfield will be a huge psychological boost.

PS: I know it’s not a solution but sometimes you miss someone who can just put the ball in the net–ugly or otherwise.


Your thoughts?

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