A wake up call

The CBI has filed a chargesheet in the Nithari case and here’s an excerpt:

The CBI today virtually gave a clean chit to businessman Moninder Singh Pandher in the Nithari serial killings, blaming his “psychopath” domestic help Surinder Koli squarely for the murders of 16 people.

I heard a reporter saying yesterday on the news that the case had a lot of loopholes because the evidence was ‘tainted’. This because the media (and probably people) had free access to the house where the murders were committed. The trial by media that probably led to the accused being beaten up outside court is also something the media consider.

The Nithari case should also tell us that there are people out there who harm children. You don’t hear much about child abuse but this needs to change. Parents and teachers need to make children aware of the dangers they face.

The CBI also arrested a cop in connection with the murders:

The Central Bureau of Investigation – Wednesday arrested a suspended woman officer of the Uttar Pradesh Police in the national capital for her alleged negligence in investigating the infamous Nithari serial killings.

Simranjit Kaur, who was suspended as a sub-inspector of Noida police, was the investigating officer to probe the killings of children and women in Nithari village in Noida.

Police reform anyone?


2 thoughts on “A wake up call

  1. Hove you noticed how depressing news has become?A sample of yesterday’s news:
    Bob Woolmer, Pramod Mahajan, Nithari….

    The culprits in the Nithari case will go unpunished. A sad comment on our CBI, police and courts.

  2. Archana: The news is usually negative/depressing and it’ll probably be that way for a long time–it’s the nature of the business.

    About the accused in the Nithari going unpunished, I don’t think that will happen, so let’s see.

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