Mayo Clinic’s Housecall on mental health providers

I subscribe to the Mayo Clinic’s weekly newsletter, HouseCall and it’s always got something useful. This week’s newsletter had an article about choosing a mental health provider and it has some useful information. Here’s a snippet:

If you’ve never consulted mental health providers before, you may not know how to find one who suits your specific needs. Here are some issues and tips to think about, along with questions to ask potential mental health providers.

Consider the types of mental health providers

You may not realize just how many types of mental health providers are available until you start looking for one. Should you see a family practice doctor? A psychiatrist? Psychologist? Social worker? Does it even matter?

It’s a helpful article with some good pointers.

While mental health is starting to get attention in India, it would help if it got more attention. The Mayo Clinic article is written for a US audience, but I think it’s applicable in the Indian context as well (or anywhere else I assume).


Your thoughts?

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