A bad time to be a fan

Ohio State lost the final of the college basketball national championship to the University of Florida. This was their second loss of the season to the Florida Gators and coupled with the loss in the college football (American version) national title, it’s an Oh-fer-three this year for my alma mater. So near and yet no trophies.

This past weekend, Arsenal was thumped by Liverpool (4-1 if you must know), so it’s been a miserable week for the teams that I support. (Just in case you were thinking the thought, banish it–it’s not my fault.)

The problem with being a fan is that you’re not in the middle of the action–you can’t do anything apart from cheering your team or buying lots of merchandise or reading lots of articles, blogs, etc. There’s a sense of helplessness because you have little control over the way your team performs. We like to think that we have control (e.g. sitting in a particular chair) but we really don’t.

So, sometimes the best thing to do is to be detached–go Zen. Till the next game that is.


Your thoughts?

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