Sent does not mean delivered

You compose an email, and hit Send. The software tells you that your email was sent and you can see it in your ‘Sent’ folder (or whatever it’s called). It may not have been delivered though because like regular mail, gasp, sometimes email gets lost too.

The delivery rate is unreliable with text messages on your cell phone. If you don’t believe me, try turning on the ‘delivery reports’ option and track the messages that are actually delivered.

People tend to get upset or worried or angry when they don’t get a response to an email or an SMS, but it’s good to consider the possibility that the message never reached the intended recipient.

When I have an important document on a deadline, I tend to check if it’s been delivered. I’ve lost track of the number of times an email has reached late or has just not been delivered, especially to co-workers who are overseas on (sometimes) unreliable connections. In my experience, making sure that someone has got the document has always been appreciated.

Even with SMS, while it’s a super helpful way to communicate, if there’s something really important, it’s probably a better idea to call instead of sending a text message.

You probably know all of this but sometimes it’s helpful to be reminded anyway.


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