Break resistant

I have written about this before but I read something on a plastic bottle the other day that begged and said, “Blog this.” (Yes, I know it’s strange that I get messages from plastic bottles.)

One line of text on the bottle’s label read, break resistant cap. This means what? The cap will probably resist with all its might but in the end if it succumbs and breaks, it’ll say, “I’m sorry, I resisted bravely but the breaking force was irresistible.”

I suppose that I could try and break the cap but the bottle doesn’t belong to me and I’m not sure that it’d go down well with the people who provided the bottle.

If the word resistant were used with a qualification, i.e. it can resist a 200 pound weight, that’s fair. Simply using resistant without qualifying anything doesn’t feel right.

Maybe resistant falls into the category of weasel words in some contexts. I’m not against the use of the word or phrase per se, just against it being used in a weasel-like way.


One thought on “Break resistant

  1. I’ve come across various items labelled ‘unbreakable’, and have always felt the urge to drop them, just to see if it was true. Strangely enough, have never felt the urge to drop anything that was not labelled as such! A case of begging for trouble?

    Another such word is ‘foolproof’. Some may take it as a personal challenge…

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