Tomorrow could mean the day after or sometime next week

I went to the bank yesterday to get a new cheque book. (Yes, we still do that in primitive places like Bangalore.) The bank guy told me to collect the cheque book “tomorrow”.

I went back today and the bank was closed. The bank is normally open on a Saturday but not today. Many other customers also didn’t get the memo because I saw them trying to figure out what was going on.

I asked the security guy and another person who was with him replied that it was a bank holiday. I told him what the bank person had told me. He smiled and said, Tomorrow means Monday because today is a holiday.

I get that people working in a bank have enough stress and so I can excuse the guy not clarifying what he meant by tomorrow. What I can’t understand is the bank not informing its customers that they would not be open. A simple handwritten notice would have sufficed.

Empathy anyone?

PS: I’ve written about a related problem on this very blog.

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3 thoughts on “Tomorrow could mean the day after or sometime next week

  1. Yeah, I also went to the bank on Saturday and found it closed. Ambedkar Jayanthi, it turned out. There wasn’t any prior announcement, and it wasn’t mentioned on the list of bank holidays either. How would anyone know, then?

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