Would grouping two actions help sometimes?

Sometimes when I login to my WordPress blog account, there’s a comment or two waiting in the moderation queue. When I check the comments, most of the time they’re spam. Now, the option I have is to delete or to mark as spam (paraphrasing here).

The reason to mark a comment as spam is so that the spam software, Akismet in this case, can “learn” and improve its capability. If I use the delete option, I can nuke the spam comment into the place where the sun don’t shine in the Internet. But, from what I understand, this means that the comment is not reported as spam, so the spam software will not “learn” and get better.

The problem with marking a comment as spam is that it goes into the spam queue. I have to manually delete the spam queue or wait for it to be deleted after a certain number of days.

I’ve faced this sort of problem with Gmail* as well. When I mark an email in my Inbox as spam, the email is moved to the Spam folder. Again, a manual deletion is necessary to nuke the spam.

My question is this: Is there a reason not to club two actions to something like this, “Mark as spam and delete”? It accomplishes two actions in one button click and saves me the trouble of re-evaluating the spam queue for spam that I’ve already marked as spam, and does the job in lesser number of mouse-clicks.

I know it’s possible to go overboard with grouping and I’m not advocating that. What I am advocating is grouping of some processes or actions that may have some sort of relation or are in sequence.

What do you think?

*: The examples of Gmail and Akismet are because these are the applications I’ve used most recently.


2 thoughts on “Would grouping two actions help sometimes?

  1. Yes. I agree. It does make a lot of difference when you can mark a mail or a comment as spam and automatically delete it off. Unfortunately, none of the utilities I use provide that feature. Well, can only hope for the developers to read this article someday. :-)

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