25 startups to watch in 2007

Business 2.0 magazine has an article (via CNN money) called Next Net 25 which is about 25 Web 2.0 startups to watch. You may have heard of some of the startups like Stumble Upon but there are some that are “new”, as in I’d not heard of them.

Like SuccessFactors which is a:

profitable five-year-old startup in San Mateo, Calif., takes in an estimated $100 million in annual revenue by selling a suite of simple Web-based tools that automate important but previously paper-driven management chores – performance reviews, succession planning, and compensation.

Or LogoWorks which :

automates the design of logos, business cards, and stationery. Proprietary software helps Logoworks streamline the process and charge less than old-line competitors.

It’s a nice article to check out even if it does features more than a few video-related startups.


One thought on “25 startups to watch in 2007

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