Magnolia, not to be confused with ma.gnolia, is one of those places that I’ve passed, read about, but never visited till a couple of days ago. We went on a weekday evening and we were the first ones at the place.

The restaurant is in a house-like setting and we were seated way inside. The service was good and the waiters were courteous and available throughout the meal. We started off with a crispy lamb something which was good but a tad dry. The main course we had was steamed rice with a Thai chicken and chilli red curry, which was also good. I wish the menu had some explanations of the food rather than just the name of the dish. My attempt to figure out what to order was not a success because the waiter thought we were ordering rather than asking.

The food was good, the ambience was nice, and it’s a place I’ll probably check out again sometime. The only negative was the dessert which wasn’t good at all. We had a brownie sizzler which was a brownie served on a sizzler plate (small) with chocolate sauce and ice-cream. The brownie wasn’t great, the sauce wasn’t great, and the ice-cream was a little less, so not a great ending to a good meal.

Magnolia is in a nice part of Koramangala, on the road between the BDA complex and Nandhini, going towards Raheja Residency. Here’s the address from the same link I’ve provided above:

840, 7th Cross, 15th Main, 3rd Block, Koramangala
Ph: 4110-2222.

Try the place if you want a change from the regular Chinese and Thai places that you frequent. It seems to be a popular place because by the time we finished, there was a big group waiting.


Your thoughts?

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