The season within the season for Arsenal

Towards the end of the Arsenal-Chelsea game, Eboue whacked the ball and beat the Chelsea goalkeeper Cech. The ball hit the crossbar and it summed up Arsenal’s season perfectly. Martin Tyler, the commentator, also seemed to think so.

It’s been a frustrating season to be an Arsenal fan, especially because of the profligacy in front of goal. For the number of chances that Arsenal create, playing the beautiful football that they do, they didn’t score enough goals this season for the amount of chances that they created.

This match was for Arsenal’s taking–the crowd was loud as I’ve ever heard it at the Emirates (on TV, since I’m in India), Chelsea were down to 10 men, Arsenal had a period where they were toying with Chelsea but they failed to put the game beyond Chelsea. Time and time again, Arsenal fans have gotten used to either letting in a goal early and clawing back or failing to kill a game by scoring that decisive second goal.

The feeling in the pit of your stomach, a familiar feeling if you were an Arsenal fan, refused to go away and when Chelsea started to make things happen and finally scored, the sinking feeling returned once again. Arsenal, if I am not mistaken, won a game (or at least drew it) with 10 men this season, and this time it looked like Chelsea might nick a win. A 1-1 draw it was, but it still feels like a loss.

I can’t wait for the season to be over and for us Arsenal fans to be wondering about the next season. Hope is a cruel thing and with a team like Arsenal there’s more than a glimmer. So, we’ll wait, while the transfers go on, while players get fit again, and we’ll hope, that somehow the next season will be different.

Maybe it will be, but right now, I’m gutted. August, and the new season, cannot come quickly enough.


Your thoughts?

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