Wearing the right shoes

This post is for women who wear high-heeled shoes or ill-fitting shoes. (It could also be for men who like to wear women’s shoes but we’ll leave that demographic out.)

From an article titled On your feet by January W. Payne, no pun intended:

Today, despite mounting evidence of the damage ill-fitting shoes can cause, women squeeze their toes to fit into oh-so-popular pointed-toe shoes, and they readily break the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ rule of thumb: no more than three hours in three-inch heels. Wearing heels causes your foot to slide forward, “redistributing your weight, creating unnatural pressure points and throwing your body’s natural alignment out of whack,” according to the Mayo Clinic. High heels have “been linked to overworked or injured leg muscles, osteoarthritis of the knee and low back pain,” continues Mayo. “You also risk ankle injuries if you lose your balance and fall off your high heels.”

It’s an article worth sending to the women in your life, especially if they like to wear high-heels and stamp your feet.

PS: Me, I prefer sneakers, or even sandals but I’m from Mars, so that doesn’t count.


5 thoughts on “Wearing the right shoes

  1. I think what you don’t get though, is that wearing the three inch heels makes your self-esteem soar about 20 feet. I know it’s not the healthiest way, but hey, once in a while, I like my view from the top!

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