Blast at Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad

I was watching the news this afternoon on BBC, when a report that there was a bomb blast in Hyderabad caught my attention. Here’s a news article from NDTV about the incident.

A word about CNN-IBN’s coverage–atrocious. The anchor, who was speaking to a DGP, repeatedly tried to put words into the DGP’s mouth and reframed questions to insinuate that “it was an act of terror” (not yet confirmed), “the mosque was not on the list of targets” (implying that the security guys didn’t know anything), etc. Whatever it takes is just about right.

I linked to an article earlier today about overreactions to risks. It seems like our media has a field day every time something like this happens. If they’re so smart, how come they can’t tell us before such incidents occur?

Because, the media knows that it’s almost impossible for the police and security agencies to monitor every place–they have to make tradeoffs and rely on intelligence information from different sources, which is not easy. It’s easy to dissect after-the-fact and ask for “security measures” but all this mostly results in security theatre.

The other thing piece of news was that the police recovered and defused two undetonated bombs. How about some praise for the police and the bomb squad for preventing an even worse tragedy?

It helps to remember that in times like this we need to be calm because panicking doesn’t help anyone except the perpetrators of the blast. We certainly don’t want to help them.

Spare a thought for the people who lost their lives in the blast and the people who were injured. Also, I hope this doesn’t escalate into more violence especially since the blast was at a place of religious worship.


2 thoughts on “Blast at Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad

  1. As you’ve rightly said, there’s nothing much that can be done about the media! They’ll do all that they can, to add spice to the news that they telecast. News channels was once what I used to love watching. It’s the converse now!

    Coming to Communal riots, I think there’s a very low probability. Though Charminar is quite distant from my place, I’ve been there several times. You really need to be there to experience the sense of brotherhood. I do agree it was bad a few years back, but things are changing. People are more concerned about their livelihood and fortunately are realising the evil politics that parties are playing!

  2. Yeah, the media remains its good old self. Good to hear that there’s a low probability of other disturbances. I’ve not been to the Charminar area for a long time, so I can’t say I’ve experienced the feeling you’ve described.

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