Spiderman III

I’m a little late in reviewing the movie but better late than later. Spiderman III (S3) is a lot darker than the previous editions of Spiderman and a lot longer as well. S3 continues where Spiderman II left off in terms of the relationship between Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) and Peter Parker/Spidey (Tobey Maguire) and Parker’s relationship with his once-best friend, Harry Osbourne.

There are more characters added to the mix, Parker has a competitor at work, played by Topher Grace (of That 70s Show), and Spidey has a new menace to deal with in Sandman (Thomas Hayden Church). There’s also a new female interest (Bryce Dallas Howard) who is saved by Spidey from certain death.

Parker’s life is going well as is Spidey’s, but Mary Jane’s isn’t so great after a string of bad reviews about her Broadway performance and Parker’s indifference to her plight. There’s a terrific fight sequence between the new Green Goblin (Harry Osbourne) and Spidey at the beginning of the movie which causes Harry to lose parts of his memory.

Spidey meanwhile has to battle demons of his own when an alien thingamajingie (parasite?) turns Spiderman into a darker version of himself. Will Spidey conquer his demons? Will Parker and Mary Jane be able to make it? Will Harry get revenge for his father’s death? All these questions and more are answered in the rest of the movie.

While S3 is good to watch there are places where my interest flagged a bit. It probably had to do with the introduction of more characters and the flipping between characters, which doesn’t keep the story taut. Spiderman III is not memorable in that it’s not a movie that I’d want to watch again. Unlike Batman Begins, for example, which was quite memorable for me.

So, for me, Spidey III is not a don’t-miss. Maybe it’s a good thing that this is the last of the current trilogy.


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